e-Lottery, an enormously growing business worldwide.


April 30, 2018


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How many of you are aware of the lotto or the lottery game that is now mostly being played online? Well, if you haven’t tried your luck with this, I guess you need to count on this. In today’s global economy, there is perhaps only one business whose targets are mature holding multi-billion net worth worldwide. This is online lottery gaming business that can be started right from scratch and while sitting right at your home. It is not going to incur any processing charges, nor any overheads that you need to count while doing some cost accounting for your business. This ensures a sort of autopilot residual income that is a lot more than any other online activity. Whenever we are going to get started with any new business, the very first question that arises in our mind is that what is the market potential of this particular business?

Net worth and current scenario of eLottery business.
The lottery is a part of online internet gambling industry which is probably the only business activity that never faces any slump. As you are not going to manufacture anything, the production supply is going to stay constant, resources would remain the same, and at the same time, the consumers are going to rise as the time passes. All the analysts are of the opinion that the internet gambling is the fastest growing network. Worldwide lottery network itself is colossal. It is estimated that millions and millions of people buy these online lottery tickets worldwide every week. Alone in the UK, it is believed that more or less 20 million play online national lottery game and the number is on the rise with every passing day. Seems as if playing lotto deems as the fastest and easiest means to money making for them. That is a massive chunk of the entire adult population that spends around 1 billion Pound sterling per year which is again a massive amount in this regard. While running a lottery business, this seems as if the whole planet is your customer base as you can find lotto lovers everywhere in the world.

Marino’s passion for gambling and gaming industry.
Marino Robert Sussich, a well-known business advisor and management specialist, holds his credentials mainly in these very gambling and gaming industries. He has grasped over these industries with in-depth analysis and comparisons over the year. He has grabbed the thorough knowledge of the underlying operations of these businesses not locally but internationally as well. Foxlotto.com is an accurate picture of Marino Sussich’s genuine passion for gambling. This is mainly an online e lottery company that is founded and run by him. Partnering with a global media and lotto company they planned to launch it in Barcelona Spain in April this year. This is an online existing casino lottery organization. They are mainly focusing on the Korean region and seek to cover the surrounding areas soon realizing the potential of the game. Meanwhile, he also advises various online gambling businesses for better operational strategies and strategy implementation as a principal advisor.

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