About Mr. Marino Robert Sussich

Marino Sussich can be considered as a man of all trades literally when it comes to the business affairs. He has been into all this ever since he was a young passionate guy. He has served in a number of huge international organizations where he was regarded as a problem solver and a team leader. Both these qualities being his benchmarks, he has done many amazing things with the businesses. He has assisted some international organization as a leading role in the top hierarchy and has mostly worked on the main key posts mainly planning the business operations and dealing with affairs of management. He is currently holding two appointments with different world-renowned business organizations. He actually began his first appointment when he already grew 50. This means that he started appointments when had really grasped all the Nitti gritty of business operations and strategies. His longest appointment spans more than 7 years with one single organization.

The Net Worth Of Businesses Involved

The safest calculations show a combined cash at bank of all the businesses where Marino Sussich has been providing his services in consultancy or as a major key post holder is around 27 k, and around combined total current asset value of 54.4 k. He has served on the major posts of Directorship in multiple companies rendering best of his services. He is a regarded and well known Australian in the field of entrepreneurship and business community.

What Makes Him Stand Out From His Contemporaries?

Well, there are several features that have aided Marino to grow up to such a huge stature for sure. But there are just some basics that he strongly believes in and always pursues them. He specializes in team building. From a team building perspective, he is of the view that every employee in an organization holds a certain level of innovation. A great team leader or boss is the one who not only enhances and exploit this potential in a perfect manner but also channelize it to benefit from it. So he has always been a great team leader. He has always taken great care of his colleagues and also his subordinates like a caring boss. The second great thing about him is that he has always been a problem solver. He just manages to get away from all the hassles out of his sheer wisdom for business strategies. He has never been a believer and a blind follower of the old stereotype in place business strategies. Rather he has always grown out of his skin, has gone with experimentation and always explored some new venues and streams to set his own legacy. That is the main reason behind his success that he has been a unique person in all of his traits. He has introduced new revolutionary sales techniques in the field that has been so much beneficial for the businesses and they have observed major transformations over the year in the growth of their business. The key person always was Marino Robert Sussich


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Marino Robert Sussich

Marino Robert Sussich

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Business Address: 9/30 Prohasky Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia Email: marinos@heurstongroup.com
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