About Marino Sussich

When it comes to proficiency, Marino Sussich is adept in a range of business trades. With an interest in the field from a teenager, he has devoted the past twenty years to becoming an expert in business. 

Marino has played an integral role in several international organisations, where he was respected as a team leader and a problem solver. He has held many leadership roles and dealt with critical business operations, currently holding two positions with world-renowned organisations where he is responsible for their growth.

The Net Worth Of Marino Sussich’s Business Ventures

The combined net worth of the businesses that Marino Sussich has provided consultancy services to over the years, or has maintained a key position in, demonstrates the positive influence of his work.

What Makes Him Stand Out From His Contemporaries?

Marino Sussich stands out through his strong beliefs. He specialises in teambuilding and believes that every member of a business holds a level of potential that a good leader can unlock. His leadership skills are well-respected, and he has always taken great care of his colleagues and subordinates.

Marino is a respected problem solver and is well-known for these innovative solutions and customised sale techniques. He strays away from old-fashioned business concepts that tend to only see results after years of tedious work, instead focusing on fresh ideas that explore new business opportunities and income streams.

His range of specialised skills have helped dozens of businesses achieve their goals and go beyond.

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